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 Hlo guys whats up today i am going to share an important message 

Please Read Carefully

As in title new tca servers are launched. why "tca servers" is we have launched 2 TCA Servers.

2) TCA SERVER 2.0 

1st TCA Server is for Playing Video And Downloading like
2nd TCA Server is for sharing links like TSI Server ( Toon South India Server)

Why I Discontinued the was many of them go directly to and playing and downloading and no body does not uses our gplinks or shrinkme links. Well not for money as if you go directly the theme recognizes you as a computer or robot and collects your data. So As an admin i give you links in gplinks and and it will not recognizes you as an computer or robot because you are going after one more link. But All Goes to the website directly and access it so i decided to hide the posts.

So with the help of wordpress hide post plugin I will hide the posts. Its a free domain like


Here after posts will update on these tca servers only.

As Information will be shared on also.

Then Next info is chat. New chat box came to our blog!! image here👇👇

This box is from drift. ask your questions. I will reply within 24 hours.

I will be online in drift in 12.00 pm to 12.10 pm. So mostly ask your Questions within 12.00 pm to 12.10 pm. It will be easy for me to answer.

So these are the information I wanted to share.....

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  1. Thanks for visiting this page
    Like this post comment please
    Bye Bye have a nice day.......