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Link fixed and important message shared l Message information l Tamil Cartoon Anime

Hlo guys what's up

So I'm going to share you a important information.

Why are the post views are coming down.
Answer it in the comments below.
So that I can share that info next time

So guys in thumbnail sliding bar there is video thumbnail pictures.
It's in our last 2 posts.

So I decided to share the link how to download using Cutwin links in the sidebar gadgets.
You can find that video when scroll down in our blog.
You can use mobile or laptop to download using Cutwin links.
And the thumbnail pictures will soon changed to the normal cartoon pictures.
And the video I uploaded in the last 2 posts will be deleted because to change the video thumbnail to cartoon thumbnails.

Video taken from YouTube!!!
Channel name:impossible technical
Subscribe and support that channel please

And the Kimclick links are taking too long to complete the 5 seconds to click get link
And it is showing many ads 
So that I am using Cutwin links

Why I am not using Gplinks is the links which Vishwa Sid 2 had uploaded in the Gplinks is showing 404 error.So I scared that links in our blog will come like that so I changed the captcha link.

Then the other information is the links which I have given in Kimclick soon will be changed to cutwin links. Dont Know how to download using Cutwin links.Video in the sidebar gadgets.
And when Gplinks come error to our links I  have a backup of all links I will convert it into Cutwin links.

So this is the info I wanted to share with you.
Don't forget to answer why I am not getting any views in comment section.

Thanks for visiting this page
See you in coming Saturday and Sunday
Bye bye have a nice day

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  1. Don't forget to answer why I am not getting any views in the comments bye guys